Red Tea Detox Review

Move Over Green Tea!

This review introduces you to The Red Tea Detox, a new  healthy eating plan that is taking the weight loss world by storm.
The Red Tea Detox was developed by bestselling author and naturopath Liz Swann Miller.  She herself tried this plan and lost an amazing 41 pounds! While the The Red Tea Detox plan is new, the science behind it has been used all over the world for hundreds of years. Ms Swann Miller discovered the reasons why weight loss is especially difficult for some men and women and created this plan specifically to overcome those hurdles. Once these barriers to weight loss are overcome, people on the The Red Tea Detox plan can watch fat melt away without suffering intense hunger and cravings that occur with some other diet plans. Many people have lost up to 14 pounds in 14 days with this plan!

After  reviewing this product thoroughly, we believe Liz Swann Miller’s plan is a great fit for people who have struggled to get the scale to start moving.  Let’s break it down a bit:

  • The Red Tea Detox is a  cleansing program that helps men and women lose weight quickly and safely.
  • Prior to this program being offered, there has been three years of real-work testing and over 500 medical research studies involved in its development.
  • Ingredients needed for the meals and tea in the plan are easily found at  your local grocery store.
  • The plan addresses not only diet, but also exercise and mindset for weight loss and long term maintenance.
  • The basic program is definitely affordable, costing just $37, with options to purchase additional materials only if desired. (Click here for a special promotional offer of $20 off!)
  • There has been a lot of positive feedback from customers. Check out this testimonial:


    • The plan involves drinking a cleansing tea that you can prepare at home. If you don’t like tea this may be a problem for you, though there are some tasty preparation suggestions offered in the program.

To sum up, The Red Tea Detox is a great plan to kickstart weight loss for people who have been frustrated by lack of results in the past. It will get you going on your journey towards better health and provide you with tools to help you reach your goals. We give it two thumbs up! For more information or to purchase, click here.

At Fitter Healthier Life we do our best to stay up to date on the latest health trends on the market. It is no small feat to sort through all of the hype and fad diets to find products that really work. Additionally, it is our belief at Fitter Healthier Life that good health and weight loss are possible without diet pills or going to extremes in eating or exercise habits. When we review weight loss programs, we look for plans that are realistic in terms of expected results, sustainable as healthy ways of eating in the long-term, have a focus on whole foods and clean eating rather than processed foods, and are affordable.