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Technology has come a long way in the health and fitness world, and we can take advantage of the advances to help us reach our goals. Using apps can help us maintain accountability, get answers to health and fitness questions, tracking progress, and being part of a community of like-minded people. In this post we take a look at 5 apps with awesome features to keep us moving:

  1. MyFitnessPal – this is not a new app, but still ranks high on our list of favorites. According to Active.com, its food database has over 5 million items as well as a barcode scanner, making it quick and convenient to enter our daily food plans. We love that this app is very user friendly and the free version comes with everything you need keep a food diary and track your nutrition and progress.
  2. Charity Miles¬†– As if becoming fitter and healthier didn’t make you feel good enough, with this free app for iOS and Android, you can also make a difference for the charity of your choice. PCmag.com says in their review that you can choose your charity and use the app to log mile – sponsors donate for every completed mile. What a motivator for you to go that extra mile!
  3. Aaptiv – Want personal training but have a tight budget? Try this app – for either $9.99/month or $75/year, you get access to personal training anywhere you go. Use it while running a trail, take it to the gym, try a yoga session at home. As reviewed by Jennifer Cohen on Forbes.com, the trainers motivate you “to get up and get going, while perfectly matched music keeps you energized and sees you through.”
  4. All Day – Does your competitive streak help keep you motivated? Then this may be the app for you! This is a new free app from Adidas, shared on Self.com. All Day looks at your movement, mindset, nutrition, and rest to suggest tips and plans for your health. You can sign up for challenges to keep you motivated and reaching new limits. We like this app for its all-around approach to health.
  5. Fitnet – If your time for workouts is limited, try this app, featured on greatist.com. It provides 5-7 minute workouts that you can do at home. You also have the option to use your phone’s camera to make sure you are doing the movements correctly, helping you to learn better technique while you exercise.

These are a few to get you started and we recommend looking at other options on the links we provided. Your smartphone can be a helpful tool for meeting health and fitness goals. Let us know what your favorites are!

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